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“Texas Trail Boss Jerky” Offers True Taste of Texas

Sister entrepreneurs start unique shop at Bush Intercontinental

Houston Airport System
September 29, 2010

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Amanda (left) and Rachel Font say their father is the inspiration behind their unique business venture at IAH.

Amanda and Rachel Font don’t remember traveling excessively when they were children, but they do remember spending a great deal of time at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

As far back as they can remember, they were busy trying to keep up with their Father as he quickly made delivery stops as a supplier for a host of airport retail shops.

They remember the thrill of riding the underground train system and the buzz of activity as thousands of passengers made their way to the different departure sites.

“It was a lot like an amusement park,” remembers Amanda. “There was always so much going on. So as a child, it was a very exciting place to be and we used to love coming here.”

Now, decades later and the Font sisters are back at Bush Intercontinental Airport, only this time as store owners.

“We had talked about this opportunity with our father for a long time,” says Rachel. “We knew we were going to launch a business here. It was just a matter of what type of store.”

After dozens of concepts were discussed and dismissed, Amanda and Rachel Font finally settled on the “Texas Trail Boss Jerky” store, a unique specialty shop that sells various types and flavors of jerky meats.

The store, located in Terminal A, sells jerky that’s made from turkey, beef, pork or bison. Amanda and Rachel also offer a variety of flavors, including spicy, original, garlic and others.

The Font sisters say the goal was simple…to sell a product that was both unique to the airport setting, and indicative of the “Texas flavor.” But finding a supplier who could help them capture that flavor wasn’t so simple.

“We went to just about every smokehouse in Texas,” says Amanda. “We settled on the one in Johnson City because they utilize a more traditional smoking method and they don’t use the preservatives and chemicals that you find in a lot of jerky meats.”

But Amanda and Rachel both believe the extensive search is going to pay off in the long run, offering passengers an authentic taste of the “Lone Star State.”

“When people leave the state to go back home, this allows them to take a bit of Texas with them to their families,” Amanda says. “It’s a great gift for people who have never been around Texas traditions like this one.”

Rachel echoes that sentiment, adding “I’ve already had several people from out of state tell me “only in Texas would you find a jerky store.”

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