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New launches this month

Houston Airport System

January 6, 2011

Houston Airport System
The new website will offer passengers numerous enhanced features.

After many months of planning, the Houston Airport System is poised for a new and improved Fly2Houston Web site, which will go live soon.

The new Web site features a variety of interactive tools, maps, and social media designed to enhance the customer experience at each of our three airports.

Some of the enhanced Web site features include:

  • Eat, shop and dine search functions to easily locate a place to relax in between flights
  • Interactive maps for terminals, gates and amenities
  • Social media links to Houston Airports' You Tube, Twitter and Facebook sites
  • Parking availability at our airport lots and garages
"Our new Web site will enhance the customer experience with this valuable communications tool as passenger arrive, connect and depart from our airports," says Roxanne Butler, director of public relations and communications. "We are thrilled to offer these new tools which are both creative and innovative."

Look for the new Fly2Houston Web Site later this month!

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