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Wind Trees

Location: Bus Ramp Entrance to the Consolidated Rental Car Facility, George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Wind Trees is an installation of 30 metal tree forms which line the bus approach to the Consolidated Rental Car Facility at Intercontinental Airport, Houston. Each three finned tree is 23' tall and constructed of painted aluminum fins on stainless steel shafts. Mounted to the concrete abutment on either side of the roadway, the trees spin freely in the breeze. The intention was to create a monumental enhancement of the arrival experience to the rental car facility adding color, motion, and visual interest to the otherwise monotone architecture.

Wind Trees by George Sacaris

About the Artist

George Sacaris, a native Houstonian has been creating works of sculpture, furniture, and architectural metalwork in Houston since 1988. Though trained in architecture his approach to design has always been hands-on. Over the years his Houston Studio has produced hundreds of private commissions and several public art projects including The Mickey Leland Memorial and Park Benches for City Hall. Inspired by all things mechanical, Sacaris has made a career out of enhancing the architectural environment.

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