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Winds of Change

Location: center of Terminal C at George Bush Intercontinental Airport

This eight-foot sculpture of George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st President of the United States of America, was created by David Adickes, a well-known Houston sculptor.

It was sculpted in 1989/90 and reflects the turbulent changes of the times. It depicts President Bush walking into the wind. In his left hand, he carries a book symbolizing the importance he placed on education. The work was donated to the City of Houston in 1997 by Mr. Chris LaPorte.

About the Artist

Winds of Change by David Adickes
Mr. Adickes’ work spans six decades and is on display throughout the country. Locally it includes The Virtuoso, an abstract cellist located at the Lyric Centre in Houston and A Tribute to Courage, a 70 foot statue of Sam Houston located on Interstate Highway 45 in Huntsville, Texas.

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