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West of the Pecos

Location: Will Clayton Blvd at George Bush Intercontinental Airport

West of the Pecos, created in 1975 by artist Rolf Westphal, symbolizes the gateway to the fabled Texas frontier. The Pecos River in west Texas served as the unofficial dividing line between civilization and the “Wild West” during the late 1800’s.

West of the Pecos is a large yellow abstract sculpture measuring 25 feet in height, 22 feet in width and 48 feet in depth, and is located on Will Clayton Blvd at George Bush International Airport.

The sculpture is composed of three steel pieces joined by welds, bolts, and cables with an inscribed steel plaque attached to the lower edge of one leg. The name of the fabricator (FAB BY/ F.N. Thamm) appears beneath the plaque in weld beads.

West of the Pecos by Rolf Westphal
On the opposite side, the welder’s name (WELD BY/ D. LIGHT) appears in weld beads as well. The plaque reads: “West of the Pecos" by Rolf Westphal (4-6-75). Dedicated to the memory of J.T. Neewberry.

About the Artist

Rolf Westphal’s heroic contemporary sculptures are located internationally in Tampere, Finland, at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey; City of Vancouver, British Columbia; the US Steel Corporation in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; City of Detroit, Michigan; Posnan, Poland; and Slovenia.
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