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Passing Through

Location: pedestrian connectors in Terminal A at George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Passing Through is inspired by two elements of the pedestrian connector: the transitional mood of its environment, as travelers pass through en route to various destinations, and the full light of its architectural design.

Artist, Leamon Green has etched this great expanse of glass walls with illustrations of travelers passing through the different cultures of the world.

In addition to the large panels of etched glass, the artist also created a series of wall-mounted, fiber-optic light boxes utilizing colorful printed acrylic interlayers laminated between sheets of glass.

Passing Through by Leamon Green

About the Artist

Leamon Green is a well-known Houston artist and an associate professor in fine arts at Texas Southern University. He received his bachelor of fine arts in painting, drawing and printmaking from the Cleveland Institute of Art and his master of fine arts in painting at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

The artist’s work in Passing Through reveals that one of the most interesting elements of the is the effect the sunlight has on the glass and the shadows that are cast, which extend the artwork beyond the confines of the glass panels.

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