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Houston Bayou

Location: connector walkway from the A/B garage into Terminal B at George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Houston Bayou by artist Dixie Friend Gay consists of a Byzantine glass mosaic mural on a serpentine wall and adjacent columns, terrazzo floor design and cast bronze reliefs.

Located in the connector walkway from the A/B garage into Terminal B, ground level, the mural measures 8 feet by 73 feet.

The five columns, each 12 feet high with a circumference of 18 feet, are wrapped in Byzantine glass and the terrazzo floor design enhances the mural and bayou theme.

Houston Bayou by Dixie Friend Gay
There are 37 cast bronze reliefs of native creatures including lizards, turtles, frogs, and fish inserted throughout the terrazzo floor. Installation on the work was completed in 2002.

To learn more about the artist Click Here.

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