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KGA Art Benches

Location: Reception Garden Area of the Houston Airport System Administration Building, George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Two KGA Art Benches enhance the serene garden area of the Houston Airport System reception area. As functional art, the benches invite visitors to relax and enjoy the gardens. Created with granite bench tops and bronze bases, these works of art complement and match the medium utilized in the sculpture.

About the Artist

Houstonian Kelly Gale Amen, is a native of Weatherford, Oklahoma. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma (BA), Kelly moved to Houston in 1972 to begin his professional design career. He started his own design business, KGA Inc., in 1974 and has been an influential participant in the Houston arts & design community for decades. He is also a founding member of NSID/ASID.
KGA Art Benches by Kelly Gale Amen

In the 1990s Kelly began creating his own Art Furniture to give voice to his personal vision. At the time, artists were fomenting a movement to include functional art within the arena of fine art. Architects and Designers were creating functional work to augment their portfolios and allow their artistic work to be legitimized within that realm. He is also a founding member of the American Society of Furniture Artists. With his tireless support of the arts and active participation as a creator of Art Furniture and sculpture, Kelly has established an international reputation for cutting edge concept and design.

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