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Location: Meeter Greeter Hall of the Terminal D, George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Beads are the focal points in the Meeter-Greeter Hall of Terminal D. Each architectural column in the area has been transformed into colorful beads within the radial design of the space, providing color within the softer palate of the space.

While most generally consider beads as adornment, they have been used throughout the world to express social circumstance, political history, economic structure and religious beliefs. They have also been enlisted as symbolic repositories of sacred knowledge; thought to have curative powers; used in barter or as standard monetary units; traded from culture to culture and have traveled across continents and oceans. Because they are used by so many contemporary and ancient cultures, beads often mirror the sociological, psychological, economic, and religious aspects of a society’s technical skill. There are certain universal features of beads and the handling of them that cut across cultural differences. Houston Texas is a community built around diversity. This seems appropriate that the Meeter-Greeter area of the International Arrivals Building speaks to this principle.
Beads by Jim Hirschfield and Sonya Ishii

About the Artists

Jim Hirschfield and Sonya Ishil have been collaborating on public artworks for the past fifteen years. As individual artists working together, they not only find their work and ideas complementary, but also find the process of collaboration an energizing one. They believe the collaborative process is a dynamic one where individuals, working together, push the breadth and range of art possibilities. Both artists have worked on a number and variety of projects ranging from public art plans to design team collaborations.

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