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Art at the Airport

The Houston Airport System is fortunate in having one of the largest collections of public art in the state of Texas. Through a partnership with the City of Houston’s Civic Art Program, the airport system has collected over 30 commissioned and donated works of art. Carefully placed throughout the airport’s terminals, each artwork offers aesthetic and cultural value to the identity of Houston as a truly international city. Pieces include everything from sculptures to photographs and may be found both inside and outside of the airport.

William P. Hobby Airport recently welcomed seven new art installations to share with its travelers. View the video below to learn more.

Below is a complete list of the art pieces displayed at the airport. To obtain more information about the art piece, please click on the image.

For a brochure and map of all Art Pieces at Houston's Airports, Click Here or Click on images above.

Countree Music by Terry Allen
Beads by Jim Hirschfield and Sonya Ishii
Elevator Core by Rachel Hecker
Air Drops by Kate Petley
Call Ernie by Jim Love
Croton IV by Joseph Anthony McDonnell
Galaxy Way by Rolando Briseo
Houston Bayou by Dixie Friend Gay
Light Spikes by J. Baker/ Llewelyn-Davies Sahni, Inc.
Mickey Leland by Ed Dwight
One Bounce, Two Bounce by Sandra Fiedorek
Passages 1, 2, 3, 4 by B. Samples and L.K. Elkins
Sky Wall by Bill FitzGibbons
Timeline by Ben Woitena
Untitled by Peter Max
Video Ring by The Art Guys
Wind Trees by George Sacaris
WPA Mural by Illya Bolotowsky
KGA Art Benches by Kelly Gale Amen
Leopard Sky by Sheila Klein
Light Wings by Ed Carpenter
Moonwalking Cow by Silvestri
Over Houston by Gordon Huether
Passing Through by Leamon Green
Take Off by Paul Kittelson and Carter Ernst
Travel Light by The Art Guys
Vector HH by Luca Buvoli
West of the Pecos by Rolf Westphal
Winds of Change by David Adickes
Houston, Can you hear me? by Hana Hillerova
Radiant Fountains by Dennis Openheim
Making a Mark presented by The Periwinkle Foundation
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